My Teacher

I have had many teachers and I am grateful to them all. But my main teacher since 1985 has been Rajpur. “Raj” is Paul Tuttle’s Guide and has been speaking through Paul since 1982. I highly recommend checking out their webpage if you have even the slightest inclination to do so. There are many, many workshops you can listen to and many transcripts, and a discussion board with other people who are interested in the Teachings. You’ll hear me asking questions occasionally on some of the tapes. This is amazing stuff. Since 2002 Raj has been doing a commentary on A Course In Miracles. You can see Raj and Paul every Saturday night at If you go there now you will be able to watch their latest broadcast.

Everything they do is donation-based, meaning that the Raj Materials we are able to enjoy for free are available because other people have previously contributed. If you find value in the Raj Material please contribute so they can continue to be available for others.