If you were at Disneyland… This is the analogy I have liked lately, though I do not mean to trivialize Life by calling it Disneyland. But, Disneyland is the “happiest place on Earth.” It is fun to go there when you are a kid. It’s fun even when you are older. But, if you are in the middle of the Awesome Movement Of Life, the happiest place on Earth, thinking you are somewhere else, or thinking you are here by mistake, you are not going to be the “happiest person on Earth” in the “happiest place on Earth.”

And so, the trick, the technique is, “Be attentive to where you are.” BE CURIOUS about where you are. That is the deal. Say to yourself, “What is the truth of this new Now, really?” in order to direct your attention to Continue reading


The highest meditation remember is when you are not doing anything. Huh? And then, at that point, PAY ATTENTION to what’s happening. Because when “you” are not doing anything SOMETHING is still happening!

When “you” are not doing anything, then you are not energizing your usual mindsets. That’s the point.

When you are not energizing your usual mindsets, then you are available for a clearer experience of What Is Really Going On — a clearer experience of the Awesome Movement of Life that we are in the middle of, a clearer experience of Life, Truth, Love. And that’s the point.

Think less and listen more, because when you do you will become inspired. And then live your life. That is the point! :)))))))))))

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The Supreme I AM

The big deal remember is that you did not make you. You are not here because of anything you have done. I am not here because of anything I have done. I am not conscious because I am “doing” conscious. You and I are not responsible for the fact that we exist. You and I are only here because GOD IS.

God means “Supreme Being.” God is the Supreme I AM. The Supreme I AM is the “I am” that we all are. Therefore, when you allow yourself to temporarily LET GO of any certainty you may have about who you are, and you relax into and stay with your actual now experience — and you have a clearer experience of your reality…
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FREEDOM YOGA Immersion & Teacher Training 2014

I am really looking forward to this. Five days of Freedom Yoga, 4 hours per day. This will be a training, a practicum, and an exploration. I hope you can be here.

This Freedom Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training
will focus on the art of channeling your own yoga. This requires training, discipline and practice. In easy words, it’s about being “online” all the time. Your practice will become a moving meditation.

Practicing in this way connects us more closely to living in this way. Daring to teach in this way will spread the wisdom message of following our magnificent internal guidance.

Our time together will focus on how to practice, teach and live in a creative manner, and will be a combination of: Discussion, Meditation, Guided Asana Practice, Freeform Asana Practice, Breath Work, Deep Relaxation And Homework. Practitioners of any style are welcome and will find benefit in this approach.
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