ERICH SCHIFFMANN returns to La Jolla Yoga Center Saturday, February 8th!

Freedom Style Yoga as taught by Erich Schiffmann is about growing into your own personal, authentic expression of yoga. It is an intuitive approach to LIFE with three strands: 1) Meditation, 2) Asana Practice, and 3) the rest of the time.

It’s about learning to be “Online” all the time. The teachings and practices culminate in the ability to channel Online Knowing. This looks like you and me living our lives with creativity and wisdom. The idea is to listen inwardly to your heart and conscience, so that the intelligence of the Universe becomes your common sense. This can be summarized as, “Do not decide in advance about what to do or not do. Instead, listen inwardly for Guidance and trust into what you find yourself Knowing.”

This is not an inherently strenuous practice, but it is advanced. It requires that you be brave enough to follow YOUR deepest impulses about what feels right and what doesn’t. This is not always easy. It involves the development of self-trust based on the growing conviction that YOU are the specific and unique self-expression of that which is ultimately trustworthy: Life, Love, Truth, Presence, GOD.
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Your Physical Health

If you want to take care of your physical health, watch what you are doing with your mind. Stop believing in the inevitability — the assumed inevitability — of death. Then immediately, or as soon as you are willing to do it, bring your attention back to Reality — Life, live — and experience the truth of what’s actually happening right now. You will then experience the thrill of Conscious Being, the hum of regeneration. You will! It’s there. Let it soak in. Let it radiate out. Continue reading


I often use the phrase, “Life, live,” as a way of talking about Reality. When it occurs to you, use this mantra for the next few weeks. As you inhale say, “Life,” as you exhale say, “live.” Life, live. Life, live. Life, live. Life, live. As you are saying the words inwardly wonder, “What is the truth of Life, live?” Don’t make up an answer. Experience the Answer. Experience what Life, live, feels like to you. This will help pull you out of your imagination about what you think is happening. The truth of what’s happening will then begin to register with you. Continue reading