A Guided Meditation ~ Meditate with Erich

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YOGAChicago Freedom Style Yoga Workshop Review

“I love being a student.” This statement is certainly true for me, and I have heard the sentiment echoed by a number of other teachers. I actively seek out teacher training opportunities and workshops as a way to both refresh my own yoga practice and rejuvenate my teaching. Any time I attend a training, my practice is affected for the weeks immediately following. Truly effective and inspirational classes tend to influence my teaching longer-term, and some of the concepts transfer to my day-to-day life. The June weekend workshop with Erich Schiffmann at Yogaview Wilmette was just such an experience. Continue reading

Erich at OMEGA ~ October 11-13, 2013

Freedom Style Yoga with Erich Schiffmann. Erich will share his approach to Freedom Style Yoga through Discussion, Meditation, Guided Asana, Freeform Practice, and Relaxation. This workshop is suitable for students of all levels.

Erich has been named one of the most innovative yoga teachers in the country by Yoga Journal, and is author of Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of Moving Into Stillness, numerous DVDs, CDs and digital downloads, all available on his website: erichschiffmann.com. Erich’s style of teaching is unique and clear, full of humor, freedom, and spirit. He has been passionately involved with the practice for 45 years.
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