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Awakened Ones

Venice Class

~ Tuesday April 21, 2015 ~

This is a transcript of the full talk. The Entire Class, comprised of 1) full talk, 2) guided meditation, 3) guided asana practice, 4) freeform asana practice, and 5) end-of-class meditation is available at

Erich: Are we ready?

[Long silence…]


It’s funny, I’m trying not to be repetitive, and yet I know it’s not repetitive, and I know this is still just the thing I’m learning about. And I know I’ve said it 10 million times. And I know I know it. I can write a report about it. I can talk about it. But still the thing, remember, is doing it!

And in simple words, remember: DO YOGA.

Yoga means “to yoke” or “join.”

Yoke. Join. Yoke. Join. Join, join, join, join, join, join, join, join, until, yes, you realize YOU ARE ALREADY JOINED, until you realize YOU ARE ALREADY YOKED, until you realize there is an ALREADY-EXISTING UNITY to things.

Remember, when you read in a book about Yoga, it will define Yoga as “yoking,” and it will define it as “Unity.” Those are pretty different. Yoking is about separate things coming together, but the meaning is that when separate things come together they form a Unity.

But, even that is not the best way to be thinking about this, because it’s not about separate things joining together to form a Unity. It’s about the realization that the ALREADY-EXISTING UNITY was there first, so to speak, which erupted into Infinite Multiplicity.

And yet, so long as you think you are a small little mind, a small little person in a hostile environment, then, man, join, join, join. Use your mind to get Online.

Now, again, we’ve all heard this 10 million times. “Yes, I’ve heard the Online Analogy. I know the Online Analogy.” But, you know, again, you’ve got to blinkin’ live it — to where you are “joining” so much that you are accessing Big Mind all the time, so you really start getting the sense that Big Mind IS your mind. Big Mind is the ONLY mind.

And so, it’s not about joining, really. And yet, join, join, join!

Is this sort of clear? I mean, I think this is clear, right?

Scott: It’s good to hear it again.

Erich: Yes, thank you, yes. And it is repetitive, but… It’s sort of like you can hear it for years, and you do it for years, and you keep getting better at it.

It’s the same as, “Thy Will Be Done,” in other words. It’s always going to be Thy Will Be Done. It’s not like you do Thy Will Be Done for a little while. Always! Always join. Always yoke. But, increasingly, don’t think of it as yoking. But, also, man, we should all be thinking about “yoking,” more and more and more.

And I have said this a number of times. The more you get Online, the more you will find yourself communing with those who are already awake and Online. Certain Awakened Ones will pop into your mind more than they used to — Jesus, or Buddha, or Mahavir. There are many, many Awakened Ones.

Whoever your favorite Awakened One is, start walking around with them more. Don’t talk about it too much, but walk around as though your favorite Awakened One is looking out through your eyes.

Michael: Erich is.

Erich: And that’s fine.

For years I was hesitant about talking about it like this, because it sounds… well, because my best friends made fun of me, basically. I couldn’t really explain it. But, walk around as though you are in communion with your favorite Awakened One. Don’t talk about it too much. But, dare to do it more. Whoever it turns out to be, whoever it is, it doesn’t matter.

And, if you don’t like talking about it as your favorite Awakened One… That’s why I started talking about it as “getting Online,” because, I don’t know, there’s less charge to that and everyone’s familiar with how to Google things, and accessing a bigger perspective than your current pea-brain level of ignorance. It makes sense to be doing this and whatever helps you do it is a good little device.

Get Online. Google it. But, I am saying you WILL start feeling like you’re talking with actual Individualities. It may seem like baloney. It will especially seem like baloney when you talk about it to people. Don’t talk about it with people, but DO dare to do it a little bit more. All the time! You know, walking down the street, walking through the lobby, coming into the room. Even right now. You know, sometimes people talk about it as though Jesus is on your shoulder. Or, your favorite person is right behind you. Just however you sense it.

Yoke. Join. So that you start having the experience of Unity in the midst of wherever you find yourself being.

That’s the big point I’ve been learning and emphasizing, remember. It’s about lifestyle. It’s not just about how bendy your body gets. That’s awesome, yes. But, if you are not learning to get Online, you’re not really tapping into how cool Yoga is.

Then, when you look at somebody, look with your favorite Awakened One. When you think about somebody, when you think about anything, do it with your invisible Friend.

So, that’s cool.

Join. Yoke. Do it so much that you start feeling, knowing, that you are Online, and that there is really no question of joining. And yet, just keep doing it. You can’t go wrong by joining.


Tension-Free Conscious Being

Regarding the bed-meds. I’m still pushing that practice. Meditate in bed, remember. I’m really liking the first-thing-in-the-morning one. Initially, when I first started doing this, I had more difficulty with the early morning one. I didn’t want to drag myself up to a seated position. But, it’s so cool! And if you get into a symmetrical position and just sit there and half-recline, and you let go, and you let go, and you watch yourself waking up slowly, you DO get familiar with the experience of tension-free, conscious, Being.

Tension-free is not nothing. It’s the Life Force not being squished! Most of us are sort of squished and uptight, and you get used to it. But, you can’t really be comfortable. But, you get used to it and you think that’s you, and you start thinking, “Well, that’s just what life is. It sort of hurts. It sort of sucks. It’s hard.” But, for a couple minutes in bed, 20-30 minutes, it’s nice. Decompress. Start feeling the joy of Conscious Being.

There is a word in Sanskrit, which is pretty cool. I used to talk about this more: Sat-Chit-Ananda. “Sat” means “Being-ness” or Existence. Life, Being, Supreme Being. Sat!

“Chit” means Consciousness, or Mind. Blend those together, you start to get the sense that wow, the nature of Being and Existence is Mind or Consciousness.

“Ananda” means bliss, or joy.

The implication is that when you are in the New Now with your actual-Now experience, and you allow yourself to have a tension-free experience, you’ll start feeling the joy of Conscious Being as being YOUR being, the natural state — not an attainment, though it will feel like an attainment if it’s not your already-experience.

And so, work to attain it by relaxing. You’ll then realize, “Oh, that’s the natural state! I should be tapping into this more than I have been.” It’s not hard. What’s hard is living your life not being in touch with that.

We know this. We’re helping each other do it.

And so, just ongoingly — all through the day, whenever it occurs to you — relax more and learn to think less. I’m not sure if that still confuses people. But, you know, just put a comma in your commentary. You will still be attentive. You don’t go out of existence. It’s called going into the Void. And if you hang out in the Void long enough, you start realizing it’s not void. It’s not empty. It’s the place where inspiration comes from.

So, yay, we get to do this again.

So, let’s meditate for a few minutes. And remember, I’m emphasizing learning to sit absolutely still. I’m calling it Conscious Immobility. Don’t feel like you’re in a straitjacket. You can move. But, when you’re willing, just slide into it again.

Practice sitting absolutely still, without holding yourself still. Just let go of every holding so much, and then you won’t move. You’ll become like a puddle, though that is not the right way to say it. But, you know what I mean. You settle in and get centered.

Then, we’re going to go towards the Twirly Pose again today, and a little pattern prior to that. It’s easy, but takes us towards the Twirly Pose.

And thanks again, each of you, for coming today. It’s fun that we are here. It’s fun that we have a nice studio. It’s nice you are not at work, and it’s nice I’m at work.


Love and Pranams,


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