formlessness observing formsFormlessness Observing Forms

Thursday January 8, 2015

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Erich: Let me summarize this a little bit.

What you are aware of is always changing. I got into this the other day a little bit. What you are aware of is like the weather. It is always changing, but it is always something. It has never been like this before; it’s never going to be like this again. But, there is always weather.

But, the weather — and “weather” is an analogy for forms. Forms — or Manifest Creation, the weather — are happening in a formless sky. The weather is always changing, but it is changing within the formless sky, which is unchanging. And so, change is happening within the context of changelessness.

Changelessness is Mind.

And so, you are aware that, oh wow, you’ve never sat next to this person. You’ve never worn these clothes. It is always going to be changing. You are aware of that. Impermanence. Always changing but always something. But you, as the observer who is cognizant of that fact — you, as the Observer — are not a form.

This is like a mega-bomb!

You as a Conscious Being are aware of forms, but YOU are not a form.

You have a specific form that identifies your specific lookout point. But, actually, you are the formless sky of Mind looking out at life from where you specifically are. You — as Consciousness or Mind — are the sky, and the body that you see when you look down is simply what this part of Infinity looks like.

So, YOU are not a body, primarily or only. You are the sky — huge, changeless, deathless, immortal, always — the Observing Self witnessing Manifest Creation, which is always changing but always something, like the weather.

And where we have gotten confused is, “Oh, I’m IN a body. I’m IN a Universe,” whereas the flip is, “Oh wow, the Universe is in my Consciousness.”

You are not in a world. The world is in your Consciousness. And beginning to get that, somehow.

Even right now without doing anything dramatic, without changing anything, you are Infinite Conscious Being observing Manifest Creation. YOU are not coming and going, changing, appearing and disappearing. YOU are changeless. The I AM that you are is the Supreme I AM being all. “Oh, that’s what I am! Oh, that’s what I am. Oh, oh!”

And the sense is, as we start clarifying, “Oh, what I really am is Formless Conscious Presence, which is aware of forms,” then your specific form will evidence more health, etc.

You are formless awareness observing forms.

You will always have a body, but you are not a body, primarily.

You are Conscious Being, which is aware of bodies.

You are Formlessness observing forms.

With Love and Pranams,

From Erich

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