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These are my personal notes from the Tuesday May 27, 2014 Venice Class entitled The Fact Of Unity

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The Fact Of Unity

~ Tuesday May 27, 2014 ~

Erich: Did anyone not get a flower? Becky, do you have a flower?

Becky: Yes, thank you.

(Sound of ambulance siren…)

Erich: Now, remember, whenever you hear a siren…

Susan: Send healing.

Erich: Yes, send psychic assistance.

Susan: Ahhh.

Erich: Or not. But, it is a good practice.

Is everyone ready to start?

And you had a good trip?

Colby: Very nice.

Erich: I brought some show & tell for you the other day, but you weren’t here, so I will bring it again.

Colby: That’s why I tried to warn you.

Erich: Yes.

Colby: Thank you, though.

Erich: Are there any comments about anything? Questions about anything? Statements about anything?

Barbara: I’m wearing Marianne’s shirt, and I just wanted to say that it’s really nice. And you guys, I don’t live in this district. I live down south. But, you guys have an opportunity to vote for this woman. And if you haven’t gone to her website, Marianne Williamson . . .

Paula: Let’s not have any political discussions, OK?

Barbara: Can I say one more thing? Shiva is offering a free workshop.

Paula: I think that this is not the place for political discussions. That’s all I’m going to say.

Barbara: Boy, oh boy, it is so the place. It is so the place. I was told this morning by one of my students who is Jewish, not to mention the word God. That freaked me out completely. Because that, to me, seems like such a… what Erich has been telling us…

(Paula leaves. Door slams…)

…is that God is so important. We are G-O-D, not DNA. And when you are told not to, you know what I mean? When somebody says, “Don’t say anything!” I lived that. For so many years I was terrified of using God. I mean I was not a Yoga teacher. I was a P.E. teacher, because I couldn’t talk about spirituality. And when I’m told, “No” . . . That’s why I came to Erich, because I needed to have that freedom to be able to know that what my truth is needs to be told. And we need to remember that we are all One, Peace, Love. And if it’s a political experience, God meant it to be, and it is. So, anyway. I don’t often speak and my heart is going really fast right now. But, I had to. I had to. It just has to be said. And please get the vote out. Or at least come to Yoga on Sunday, at what time?

Sandy: Shiva Rea with Marianne Williamson. It’s a free class. Here, in the other room. It’s a free class if you want to invite anyone.

Barbara: Thank you for letting me freak out. Awesome.

Erich: I remember when I was a kid, similar to this, I remember thinking, “If I ever start talking about God…”

Barbara: God forbid.

Erich: I forget what the rest of the sentence was. But, hey, WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO BE TALKING ABOUT? — is what it comes down to. But, you have to crack the code on all of this and use words skillfully.

I was resistant to using the word “God” for a long time, because it creates so much division. Until I got clear that, wow, God means the Supreme I AM. It means SUPREME BEING. There is no doubt about BEING, and Existence, and the Supreme Being being everything that is being. And, then, “Oh wow, that is what everything IS!”

You know, everything in the Manifest World is part of what Supreme Being looks like. Supreme Being — God, The All — IS All. The huge insight is, “Oh wow, so that’s what’s happening. That’s what’s happening. That’s what’s HAPPENING.”

For me, it feels similar to the shift FROM thinking we are on a flat Earth TO the realization that, “Oh, wow, we are on a round Planet, actually.” We are in the same place. Nothing actually changes. Except your whole assessment about what is going on radically changes.

The point I am always trying to make… And I am making this point because this is what I am learning about. It is what is finally making sense. Essentially, wow, GOD IS ALL.

Again, start getting comfortable using the word God, if that is the word that wants to come out. But, remember, we are talking about Life. We are talking about Life, GOD, the Supreme I AM — the I AM that I am and the I AM that YOU are.

(Paula comes back in…)

The big point, remember, is that you did not make you. I did not make me. You are only here because The All is being Itself as YOU. The whole trick on Yoga is to start experiencing the Truth of who you are, because who you are is The All being YOU.

You are not the dweeb you thought you were. Other people are not the dweebs you thought they were. Other people are not the enemy you thought they were.

There is no enemy — is the huge insight. Even if people are walking around shooting each other, there is no enemy. Really! There are a bunch of deluded assessments, and yes, that needs to be cleared up.

We are on the Planet at a very interesting time in the history of the evolution of human consciousness. People ARE waking up to the Fact of Unity. It is happening. The world is waking up to the Fact of Unity, to the realization that we are a Single Tribe. There are growing pains along the way, and we are duking it out along the way. But, increasingly, the simple clarity is:

There IS no enemy!

If you “get” that in moments of clarity, and you begin to relax, even just a little bit, that will send out psychic vibrations throughout the rest of Infinity. Because you are feeling increasingly safe, others will feel more at ease. Whereas, if you are sending out other vibrations, people will pick up on those — and if they are not clear, they will get nervous. They will get fearful.

Start being more attentive to the psychic vibrations you are sending out. Start being more attentive to what you find yourself believing.

The quick technique on all of this, remember, is you learning to shut up. You learn to zip-it, mentally.

And, yes, wow, it’s cool that it is this simple, finally.

Just zip-it whenever it occurs to you, for just a couple seconds. Because for those couple seconds when you shut-up, and you zip-it mentally, and you are no longer energizing your usual assessments, then what is really true will begin to register with you.

This is when your assessment of What’s Really Happening will get updated. You will then relax a little more than you already are and become increasingly fearless. You will then send out those psychic messages. You will also find yourself being inspired in your work in ways that will help illuminate the already-existing Unity.

There IS a Unity.

Yay! Yay. Yay. Yay. Yay!

There IS hope. We are not on a stupid planet filled with warring tribes who are forever going to be shooting each other. We are smarter than that, as dumb as we are. We are smarter than that! And, we ARE waking up to a truer assessment. And the truer assessment will reveal The Unity of Life.

Now we need to use all our energies to make it evident. We need to learn how to live with one another. Not so easy! Strategies that previously went toward self-protection, as important as that is — to protect your clan, your tribe, your country — all of that needs to be funneled towards spreading the word, towards the education, the realization of, wow, Unity, Unity, Unity! This is how to really protect your clan, tribe, country, world.

This is Yoga class remember. Keep coming around to what Yoga means. All day long, keep coming around to it. If you are involved with Yoga, what does it mean? Like, do Yoga!

Yoga means yoke. It means “to join.” The way I have been talking about it is, Use your mind “to join,” to get Online. Because when you join and get Online, you will realize, “Wow, hey, I have been Online the whole time! I was deluded in thinking I had my own little mind.”

All of this is only going to be relevant if you use it in your daily life. And so…

Decision Making Sentences

Now, I have not said this homework lately, but I have said this a lot for the last 50 years, 10 years, 20 years. And I was happy the other day when Arthur said this was his favorite homework. You wake up in the morning and you say to yourself:

“Today, I will make no decisions by myself.

I will make no decisions by myself because, wow, it is no longer intelligent to do so.

INSTEAD, I will make all my decisions in silent counsel with The Infinite. I will get Online and make my decisions.”

Then say, “I want to do what You would have me do. What would You have me do?”

Say those sentences. It is a way of joining your mentality with Big Mind. That’s Yoga. And remember, the more you use your mind to get Online, the sooner you will realize, “Hey, wow, Big Mind is my mind! Big Mind IS my mind! There is no other mind. Big Mind is my mind! Big Mind is everyone’s mind.”

If you can just get yourself to quiet-mind it a little more than you already do, and thereby not energize your usual mindsets, then wow, Big Mind Wisdom will start infiltrating your awareness.

Encourage everyone to relax, to zip-it mentally, and to then listen inwardly for Guidance. Because, when you do, you will find yourself being inspired in your work, whatever it happens to be. You will start bringing Online Knowing there. That is what needs to happen.

There is the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker. It takes all kinds to run a world. And each particular place, each particular person should be listening for Online Knowing, so they fulfill their function based on the awareness of Unity.

Again, get the big view on this, the simplicity of it. All day long — and just do this when it occurs to you — simply, relax. Quiet-mind it for a moment. It may seem like nothing is happening. Let it seem like nothing is happening! Because the more nothing seems to be happening, the more Big Mind will start flowing into you. It will feel so natural. And yes, you WILL start feeling more inspired. And feeling inspired is awesome.

The big point, remember, is you are doing something with your mind. You are doing something all the blinkin’ time. Be aware of what you ARE doing, and then put the comma in there. Put the comma. Put the comma. Put the comma. Put the comma. Put the dot dot dot. Put the shut-up in there. And then, lo and behold, wow, you will find yourself Knowing what to do. But, again, it will just feel normal and natural.

It is NOT abnormal or unnatural to be the specific expression of Infinity. That is the only thing you could be. That is what you have been the whole time. That is what’s happening.


Isabelle: I believe you. I practice it. It works. But, I have one question, which is, why should I use the word, God, if I have a difficult time with it? Isn’t that just some recent word that came into the vocabulary within the last thousands of years? There were gods. There were idols. Why must I call it God? Why can’t I think of it as a Universal something-or-other. Why God?

Erich: Why not God? is the flip of that. I mean, yes. Say it however you want. But…

Isabelle: Dog?

Erich: Sure!



Isabelle: Got it.

Erich: Say it however you want. But, also be able to crack the code.

So, if someone is saying “God,” you know what it means to you. Like, I am going to be saying God. Then see if what they are saying measures up to what you know is true.

But, there is a real meaning to the word. It means Supreme Being. Not “THE” Supreme Being. It means SUPREME BEING. It has real meaning. It is not just a mish-mash of conditioned cultural meanings. There is a real meaning to it.

Life. Being. Existence.

In Sanskrit the word is Satchitananda. SAT-CHIT-ANANDA. Three different words. You blend them together. They are trying to describe the nature of the Living Event.

SAT means Consciousness — no, sorry, SAT means BEING. Beingness. Existence. The fact that things are.

CHIT means Consciousness. Blend those two words together and already you start to get the sense that, oh wow, the nature of BEINGNESS — Existence — is Consciousness.

ANANDA means Bliss. What they were trying to communicate was that when you have a clear hit of Life, live — the current Event, the only Event, the only thing that is really happening — it is felt as sat-chit-ananda. It is the Joy (ananda) of Conscious (chit) Being (sat).

Isabelle: I don’t get how that matches with God.

Erich: It is the same. It is the same. It is just another word. I was resistant to using the word “God” because I wasn’t willing to let go of what I thought it meant. And I wasn’t willing to let go of what I thought other people thought it meant. And now I like it. It means Being.

Isabelle: So, the verb meaning, as opposed to the noun?

Erich: Yes, yes. And the verb looks like nouns. Being is being. Being is being what is being.

Isabelle: I still seem to have a problem with it.

Erich: Yes. That’s OK. So do I, still! You know what I mean?

But, when I am not having a hard time with it, I realize, hey, it’s a cool word. It’s clear. It’s awesome. And, whoever used the word initially, they were meaning something Real. They were not meaning cultural bias. They were meaning Truth.

Isabelle: It might look like Universal Power or whatever. I mean it’s just a linguistic question.

Erich: Yes.

Isabelle: So, you could call it Universal Presence or…

Erich: Exactly. That is what I do. But I do throw it out there, also. Universal Power. The Infinite. The All. God.

Isabelle: Whatever makes you happy.

Erich: Whatever seems appropriate in that moment, yes. And then I find I don’t get tripped up by it the way I used to. Have 20 different words for it.

But then, again, remember, all day long the practice is to put the comma in there, so that your mind starts receiving wisdom from The Universal… period. The Universal.

And, YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING is the other point!

I know I say that a lot. You are doing something. But, it is so habitual you don’t think you are doing anything. It just seems like, “Oh, that’s the way it is.” Therefore, learn to… you discipline yourself to shut up.

It takes discipline, at first, because the habit is to be habitual.

The simplicity of it is: Put a comma in your commentary.

Just, comma.

You will still be conscious. At that point, fresh air starts flowing in. Fresh inspiration starts flowing in.

This is significant. This is huge. I mean this is huge! I am still just realizing how huge it is, the fact that when you quiet-mind it new Knowing flows in. Wow!

And therefore, it is to your advantage to quiet-mind it every once in a while. Try to do it as many times as you can stand! And, you are doing something. If you are not deliberately quiet-minding it, you are probably being habitual with your normal little commentary — which is fine. You can do that. You made it until now. You’ll be OK.

But, you know, you will have a clearer perception of what is going on, you will be a more helpful presence, if you start doing this more.

The world needs more helpful presences at the moment.

Access Online Knowing to the best of your ability by putting the comma in your commentary as many times as you can, so that new wisdom flows in and you get inspired.

Yay! Do it. Do it! Let’s do it! You know.

Barbara: Please.

Erich: Relax… and shut up. That is the technique.

Next thing you know, you are giving expression to it again.


Cindy: Do you find that when you begin to silent-mind it, it allows things like fear and anxiety to come up and out? The mind tends to stay busy trying to suffocate those things. And then, once the fear and anxiety has come out, been released, then you can actually be fairly open, to see.

Erich: Yes.

Partly what happens is the more you meditate and the more you get quiet, then stuff that was underneath does start bubbling up. Fears that used to be scary bubble up. Old assessments start bubbling up. And you can either buy into them again, or you can see through them. You can realize, “Oh, that is what I have been thinking up until now. Oh! I was being tricked by that self-protective little thought, which was helpful at a certain point.”

Old fears, old tensions, will bubble up, and they bubble up so they can go away.

And then you will be in a predicament where you think, “What the fu%k? This is Unity? This is God’s Self-expression? It looks like a horrible world.” You will be tempted to get self-protective again. Right in that moment, to the best of your ability, get Online. Get Online. Realize you are Online. And just listen fast.

Get faster at listening, so that you know what to do, so that you know how to be appropriate in that new scary moment. And that is what helps to heal the new scary moment.

Diane: I was in a workshop with Anna Forrest once, an advanced arm balance. It was very difficult. So she turned around and she said, “Let the trauma relax. Let it come out.” And that was a way of… At first, I thought, “Trauma?” But there is. There is. And when it arose, and you breathe through it, there were nice long pauses.

Erich: And purge.

Diane: Yeah, purge. That’s what we’re doing, really. And pay attention.

Erich: OK. Let’s meditate for a minute or two.

When you zip-it mentally, then what was traumatic and held inside will start bubbling up. When you silent-mind it, the purge happens. That’s interesting.

With Love and Pranams,

From Erich

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