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Put A Comma In Your Commentary

~ Tuesday May 13, 2014 ~

Erich:  So, as a reminder in case you don’t know, these classes in here for the last couple years have become more like mini-workshops, rather than a typical class.

The overview about that in my mind is this: For Chapter One we Talk for as long or as little as we want. Yoga philosophy. I have been talking about things that I think are significant. I have been very repetitive because there are not 10 million fundamentals! You know what I mean? There are just a couple clear, basic ideas you need to get good at.

If you get clear on these basic fundamental ideas, then you will find that they apply to everything you do. Lifestyle. And that is the point. Yoga is LIFESTYLE, not just PE class. As awesome of a PE class as it is, or can be, what you really want to be getting is that Yoga is the way you do your life! And, so, Chapter One is Talking about stuff like that.

Chapter Two is, Meditating.

Chapter Three is a Guided Asana Practice, where the human teacher is telling you what to do, which is the bulk of most classes. It is important to be told what to do. It is good to get trained. And, partly, when you listen for what to do from the human teacher — when we get to the Chapter Three part — part of the idea, remember, is to practice LISTENING to the instructions with a little more attentiveness than you normally might, as a way of putting your habits in pause-mode.

That is the skill in lifestyle, is learning to put your habits in pause-mode. Everything I talk about in Chapter One is largely about learning to put your habits in pause-mode. You put a comma in your commentary. That is how I have been saying it lately. “Put a comma in your commentary.”

The discovery is that when you put a comma in your commentary, you are not left with nothing at that point! If you were left with nothing, it would be stupid to put a comma in your commentary. It would be stupid to let go of your best assessments.

But, what you discover is that when you put a comma in your commentary, and you temporarily let go of your best assessments, suddenly your mind becomes available to the download. That’s when you will really begin to appreciate the fact that, wow, there really IS such a thing as “the download.” Like, really, really, really. It is not just a random occurrence that may or may not happen every once in a while. Rather, it’s like a new skill, or a new thing to be doing with your mind. The idea is to be channeling Online Knowing all the time. And, as difficult as it is to be willing to do, it is not actually that difficult.

At first, I was talking about it as “learning to get Online” because that is what it seemed like. You train yourself to get Online. You use your mind to get Online. But, wow, the more you do it — and the more you do it, and the more you do it — the more you realize, “Wow, my mind IS Online! I am connected. I don’t have to “get” Online. It’s built-in. I’m Online!”

If you are conscious — and you are — then you are connected to the Infinity of Consciousness, what I have been calling the Internet of Infinite Mind. And, therefore, whenever you can manage to put a comma in your commentary, suddenly the wisdom of Infinite Mind will seep into your little mind and start feeling like your common sense, rather than what was actually just your conditioned thinking.

And so, it is actually a simple idea. After years of struggling, duking it out, the simplicity is simply shut up! Quiet-mind it. Put the comma in there. Many, many, many, many, many times a day. Because when you do, new Knowing starts flowing in. And, even if it is similar to a new Knowing from a moment ago, it will be the current new Knowing that you need to be accessing.

This is cool.

Get the gist of the idea. Your mind is connected to the Internet of Infinite Mind. Therefore, whenever you think less and listen more, and Google whatever you need to know whenever you need to know something — so you use your mind to Google, rather than think — then, wow, you will find yourself Knowing what to do.

You will find yourself being in the right place at the right time.

Life will become more fun, and more fulfilling.

1) Talking. 2) Meditating. 3) Guided Asana Chapter. And then, 4) Chapter Four — which is unique to these classes, I think, though I don’t really know — is the Freeform Chapter. At that point, instead of the human teacher telling you what to do, I am just going to put on the music and the idea is we all do yoga together.

If you know something already, you know enough to do Freeform. The trick on Freeform is to start doing something that you know how to do, something you have been taught, something that you learned in a Chapter Three from somebody, either a human teacher or a book or a DVD.

Start with something you know. And then GET INTO IT, and get into it, and get into it the way you were taught. As you get into it, you will find that the “getting into it” is equivalent to putting a comma in your commentary. And so, as you are doing the poses, and you are getting into it, and you are putting the comma in your commentary, wow, you will find yourself knowing how to move, how to rotate, and how to surf through the poses. Doing that together is a big lesson.

Man, I used to get hassled about the Chapter Fours, especially from other teachers, you know? But, Chapter Four is important. Everybody is doing yoga together. I think you will find that you will learn a lot, and that it is deep learning.

And so, at that point, start with something that you know, something you have been taught. Get into it more. Get into it more. Get into it more. And if, at that point, you want to just lie on your back and listen to the music, then yes, you should just lie on your back and listen to the music.

Dare to do what you are feeling like doing.

Again, this is one of the big lessons. Dare to do as you are feeling like doing. Self-trust is what it comes down to. And, if you want to just lie there and stick your legs up the wall, or if you want to lie face down, that is what you should do! A few moments later, you might be inspired to get up and do Trikonasana. A few minutes later, you might want to lie down again. When you are surfing the flow, you won’t know what you are going to feel like doing. Therefore, do not dictate it too much. Do not hassle yourself about it too much. Just listen more, and listen more, and listen more.

Put a comma in your commentary. Pay attention to your new Now experience. Then give expression to your heart and conscience.

That is what you do all day long. When you are driving home, put the comma in your commentary. Let go of what you think you are supposed to be doing, and then drive home like you are surfing.


1) Talking. 2) Meditating. 3) Guided Asana. 4) Not-guided Asana. And then 5) we Meditate again for a couple minutes at the end. Very fun system.


Your Real DNA

I want to touch on this one topic before we slide into the meditation, if I may. One of the points I have been making a lot lately — I’m going to keep this short, but just so you get the idea. The older you get, the more you find yourself thinking things like, “Well, the reason I’m suffering from this, whatever it is, is because of…” whatever the reason is. “My grandmother’s DNA.”

One of my best friends the other day said to me, “You know, I’m having all these troubles and then I realized, oh yeah, it’s in my family history that we all have arthritis.”

Be aware you are saying things like that to yourself. “Oh, the reason I’m sick is because I’ve got crummy genes.” Or whatever the reason is. You think you are just “reporting the news” accurately. “Oh, I’m so smart, I know it’s my genes.”

Be aware you are saying things like that to yourself and then put a comma in your commentary. Because the insight is, wow, as accurate as that might be — and is, at a certain level — a truer statement is that your real DNA is G-O-D.

Therefore, do not limit yourself to your family history. Start tapping into, “Oh, wow, the fact that my family history has been such and such does NOT mean that I am a victim of my family history, unless I keep agreeing to it by saying, “Yes, that’s true. Yes, that is why I am sick. Yes. That’s why. That’s why.”

Be aware you are saying things like that to yourself and then put it in pause-mode and re-affirm the insight, which is likely to feel like a fairy-tale at that point. But, “Oh, yes, wow, my real DNA is G-O-D. My real DNA! And, therefore, the self-expression that I am, should, can, express G-O-D-ness.”

Health. Radiance. Ongoing health. Not family history, arthritic, death, dying. You know what I mean?

Catch yourself saying things like that. You will think you are reporting the news accurately. Put the comma in there. And then, feel anew. Wonder to yourself, “What is the truth here, really? What IS the truth here, really?”

For me, I am at this point where it feels like I am walking in two worlds. On the one hand, deal with it at the family history level. If you need the medication to deal with the arthritis, take the medication. But then, on the other hand, increasingly start tapping into, “Oh wow, G-O-D. G-O-D, really.”

Interesting, I think.

I mean, is that interesting?

It’s interesting! Otherwise, you are a forever victim of your crummy genes. That sucks.


Caroline: But then again, if you have a history of breast cancer in your family, you should be aware of that because it can be a good thing, the awareness, or the knowledge of that.

Erich: Right. That is what I meant just a moment ago. So, walk in both worlds as long as it seems like there are two worlds.

Caroline: To not ignore either one.

Erich: Exactly. And what I would suggest, what I am learning to do, is before you go for the mammogram… like, five days before, five seconds before, five months before, from the now instant of consciousness you are always in until you walk in there for the mammogram… Before you take the medication that you know you need, before doing that, pause for 5 seconds and think to yourself, “OK, maybe G-O-D, really. Maybe, maybe.”

Start letting that be a more dominant thought, rather than a flaky back-up reason. Let the medication be the back-up reason, until this newer assessment is so dominant that you do exhibit radiant health.

So, yes, do what you have to do at the level you are at. And, increasingly, start having the insight, “Oh, wow, this is the truer thing which will evidence itself as a healing of breast cancer. Maybe.” You know what I mean? Maybe. Hopefully.

I am no longer so sure it can’t happen, so I am not going to decree that I am stuck with it forever.

Deal with things at the level you need to deal with them at. At the same time, start having the bigger insight that, “Wow, really, everything is G-O-D in infinite self-expression, really.” Therefore, a more legitimate rationale or decree is, “Health is my birthright, not disease and degeneration.”

I mean if you are doing Yoga for your health, start watching what you are doing in your mind. Most of us are zapping ourselves all the time with self-defeating, crummy, limited thoughts.

The point is, remember, you are doing something. You are thinking things. You are doing something! Start being aware of what you are doing and put the comma in there a little more frequently. You might have insight, “Oh, maybe I should drink more water. Oh, maybe I should get more sleep.” So, yes, do those things. Do the mammogram. But, you know, actually start having a more healing perspective.

Laura: So, you won’t get to eat unlimited amounts of chocolate once you…

Erich: You don’t know. Maybe! At the moment, you can’t, because you think that if you do…

Laura: So, there could be a brand of chocolates and cake that is OK?

Erich: Totally. Absolutely.

Barbara: Potato chips. Chocolate-covered potato chips.

Erich: Yes. I mean this is interesting. This is cool stuff. And you are doing something. Start busting yourself more.

We think we are reporting the news accurately. But, we are all a bunch of idiots! We don’t know! Stop believing yourself quite so much.

Val: It’s also about manifesting the positive, as opposed to the negative. If you’re saying, “I’m vibrating as a healthy, living being,” as a positive thought. As opposed to, “Oh no, my mother had this, so I’m probably gonna get it.” Then you are manifesting what you are focusing on.

Erich: Exactly. Right.

Val: It’s not about not getting the mammogram, or doing your exercise, or eating right. It’s about your mindset. Like, what are you creating in your body, vibrationally.

Erich: Right. And, what I am saying is that when you put the pause in there, then what is TRUE will become your frequency. And what is true, actually, is G-O-D. And G-O-D is L-O-V-E.

The first time I heard “God is Love,” it didn’t mean anything to me. I mean, “So what if God is Love? I’m still stuck being me.” But, oh, wow. God is Love means that God — The Totality — is that which is appearing as you and me specifically. God is Love and therefore that is the experience that is available for each of us.

Like, NOW.

You know what I mean?

And when you meditate, one of the big points is to start feeling the LOVE. You just sit quietly and you will start feeling loved. It will feel like, “Ah, what a relief.”

Steve: Erich, what is an example of an action, or inaction, of the comma? Just close your eyes, or…?

Erich: What I usually recommend is just exhale. Exhale and relax. It is easy to do. You do not have to conjure up a lot of motivation to just exhale and relax. You can do it in the middle of a sentence. You can do it in the middle of an argument. You can do it in the middle of a traffic jam.

Just exhale and relax.

Yes, that is a good way to comma.


Let’s meditate for a few minutes.

And, again, just to emphasize that point. You are always doing something in your mind. You are making assessments. You are making evaluations. Increasingly, be aware of what you ARE doing… and learn to put the comma.

And while I am thinking of it, you should know that I won’t be here on Thursday this week, but I will be back next week.

Melissa: So there will be a class?

Erich: There will be a class, yes.


A couple of minutes here, please.

Chocolate. How to pause. Mammogram. Those were all good questions.

Barbara: Exhale for the pause.

Erich: Yes.

Wih Love and Pranams,

From Erich

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