an inspired lifeThese are my personal notes from the Thursday May 8, 2014 Venice Class entitled An Inspired Life

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An Inspired Life

~ Thursday May 8, 2014 ~

Erich: So, welcome to your first “live” class.

Samantha: Thank you.

Erich: Not your first live class, but your first class . . .

Samantha: “Live,” with you.

Erich: Yes.

Good morning, everybody.

Are there any questions about anything?

Beth: What should I do with my life?

Erich: It’s hard to come up with a better question than that. Like, that is not a joke question. You know what I mean?

Alice: Yeah, I’m waiting :))))))

Erich: I’m working on that one all the time!

Alice: I think we’re doing it.

Erich: My latest answer to that, in terms of approach, application, etc., is… And this fits into everything — how you do your asana, how you do your meditation, what you do during the day. The trick seems to be… or “a” trick — the thing I am latching onto the most — is BE AWARE OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

So, it is not so much, “What should I do with my life?” — as though your life were not yet to happen, or a future thing, or something you will get to one of these days. But, what are you doing? You are doing something.

And so, the question is, “Well, what are you doing?” Like, you are giving your attention to something. You are always “an” alignment. Your body is always “a” shape. Be aware of what you ARE doing, not so much, “What shape should my body always be in?” or “What should I do with my body?”

Be aware of what you ARE doing, because you are doing something. Something is happening. Be aware of what you ARE doing and increasingly be aware you have options and choices about it.

For example, your head will always be somewhere, some alignment. Be aware of what your head IS doing. Be aware that you have options and choices about it. Then, instead of making up your own mind about what you “should” do, learn to no longer make up your own mind. Instead Google it and listen for Supreme Intelligence, for advice.

Do this in terms of your alignment. Do this in terms of what you are thinking about. You are thinking about something. You are giving your attention to something. Be aware of what you ARE doing, without judgment. You know what I mean? “Oh, I shouldn’t have that thought again. Not that thought!” Everyone has their own favorite thoughts, and you go there again, and you go there again, and you go there again.

Be aware of what you ARE doing. Just the awareness of what you are doing is a new dynamic in the event. It puts a pause or a reality-check to it. Then put a comma in your commentary. The easiest way to think about that is SHUT UP. Quiet-mind it for a moment. Like, if you are watching the sunset, just shut up for a second and be gaga at the beauty. The beauty then begins to talk to you. You get wowed by it. You do not have to make yourself wowed. All you have to do is make yourself available to the beauty.

Do the same thing with your life. You don’t have to decide so much. But, shut up. Put what you normally think in pause-mode. Put it on the back burner for a moment. Because, when you do, the Life Force — which is being YOU in the first place — begins to register with you, and you will find yourself being inspired about what to do, how to be, what to think about.

And so, what to do with your life? Basically, the way I would put it is THINK LESS. Pay attention MORE. Listen more. Shut up. Listen. Shut up. Relax. Listen. Because when you do, YOU WILL FEEL NEW INSPIRATION THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CONJURE UP.

It is nice that you do not have to conjure up inspiration. Otherwise, you would wipe yourself out having to conjure up the inspiration the whole time. Whereas the insight is, wow, the fact that you exist is because Inspiration Itself is being Itself as you.

This is a crucial, big, fundamental point.

Yogis should be tapping into the inspired state, so as to live an inspired life. What you do will be more meaningful for others, and it will be more meaningful for you.

If you are not living an inspired life, then you are living a less than inspired life. There are gradations of that — low energy, depression, bummer-hood. Yet, any state could only be what it is because it is happening within the Infinity of Mind. If you can train yourself to quiet-mind it a little more than usual, then the wisdom of the Infinity of Mind — which is Life, which is Inspiration Itself — will register with you as being your common sense and your life will come alive.

That is so huge.

Mindy: Would you ever feel bad, I mean, not ending a friendship, but definitely putting a friendship on hold if they have the same cycle of conversation, such as, “I’m sick. I’m about to be sick. I was just sick. I’m tired.” I’m finding that I have less tolerance to hear those things. You know, I can’t . . . Is that being insensitive, or . . .

Erich: No, I think it is fine. But then, like now, when that person is in your sphere, in your thinking-hood, correct it a little bit right now. Realize, “Oh, that person is feeling that way, and they are behaving like that, in a way that you are having less tolerance for, but they could only be who they are because The Totality is being them, really.”

So, you are not buying into their story in your own mind in the moment that it is occurring to you. When you manage to do that, it will send out telepathic messages, and because there is a Unity they will be feeling it.

Mindy: And I wish them the best, when I think about them. They’re not a bad person or anything. Or, anyone who has that. A lot of people do have that continuous negative message.

Erich: I understand, yes, right. We all do. Yes.

And so, sometimes, pulling away is the thing that will sober them up. But, don’t do it for them. You just keep doing what is feeling right to you. You then might give them a psychic phone call, or a psychic mind-text, “Hey, we haven’t seen each other, but love. I still love you. I can’t stand being around you, but love.”

You know what I mean? And that is part of the healing, part of the upgrading of the whole thing.

Mindy: Many people will say, “Oh, I’ve known this person for so long.” They think the amount of time that they’ve known somebody, as opposed to the quality of time they’ve known somebody.

Erich: Yes, right.

Mindy: And I think that this is something that needs to be measured properly, so people don’t form an attachment to something that isn’t healthy and/or serving them.

Erich: Yes. Right. And then, be new in the Now. Be however you are being guided to be. Call them. Don’t call them. Whatever. If you are conflicted when you are with them, they are going to sense it, too.

The whole thing is, try not to be conflicted in your own experience, to the best of your ability. That is not so easy. But, it’s not so hard, either.

So, be aware of what you ARE doing. Be aware of what you ARE thinking. Do this all day long. “Oh, now I’m thinking this. Now I’m thinking this. Now I’m thinking this.”

Be aware of what you are doing. That is an awareness of the new Now. Put a pause in your commentary and then listen for the Google.

Consciously get Online. Then dare to give expression to how you feel like being in that new moment.

You are doing something. You are doing something. Something is happening. That is why I was playing that one song so many times. I just love that line, “Something is happening here.” Something is happening here. What is it? What is it? What is it? It is God, live.

And, remember, I am updating in my own mind the word God. God means “Being.” It means Supreme Being. God is the Supreme Being that is being everything that’s being. There is nothing else happening! Everything is the Self-expression of Infinite God — The Supreme I AM. God is the I AM that I am, and the I AM that you are.

This means there is no enemy. You can relax. You can dare to do as your deepest feelings guide you to do. The trick, the skill, the practice is relax… relax, relax, relax.

And, you are doing something.

OK, let’s start with the meditation.

With Love and Pranams,

From Erich

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