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These are my personal notes from the Tuesday April 22, 2014 Venice Class entitled Always New

I recommend:

1) Read the Transcript below without the audio.

2) Sit quietly and listen to the Talk, as though you were there with me in the class. You can access the audio >here<

3) Read the Transcript as you listen to the audio for a fuller, more dimensional experience. If you have time, do the meditation also. It only takes a few minutes :))))))))))

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Always New

~ Tuesday April 22, 2014 ~

Erich:  Are you ready?

That sounded good. Um hum!

OK, let me try this one more time. I am intending to keep this short. I always intend to keep it short. But, more important than short is “just right.” Sometimes “just right” is long, and sometimes “just right” is short. And so, although I am intending to keep this short, more than short, I want it to be just right.

I am always refreshing this in my own mind. I am always getting clearer about this. It feels like I want to say this again.

The main homework to do 10 million times a day — and it would actually be fun to have a little counter. For one day, it would be fun to have a counter… you know what I mean? And, whenever you did the homework, just “beep, beep,” to see how many times you actually did do it.

But, the homework is 10 thousand times a day, 10 million times a day — whenever it occurs to you — say this little sentence, “What is the truth of this new Now, really?” Some words like that. Those are the words I like. “What is the truth of this new Now? What is the truth? What the f%*k is going on? What the…” Whatever words come out in that moment that help you express curiosity about, “What is the truth of the predicament we are in?”

The big technique is CURIOSITY. Curiosity means you are giving new attention to what you used to think was just “the same old stuff” — new attention to the moment you find yourself in and the people you find yourself with.

Curiosity is the technique.

“What is the truth? What is the meaning? What is the truth of this new Now?”

Say that a lot, and say it a lot, and say it a lot. Not just to say it a lot, but as a way of pulling your attention into the new Now you find yourself in, so that you experience it with a little more curiosity than a moment ago. Because the insight is, wow, what is really going on is very different from what we think. Life is way more awesome than we give it credit for.

If you were at Disneyland… This is the analogy I have liked lately, though I do not mean to trivialize Life by calling it Disneyland. But, Disneyland is the “happiest place on Earth.” It is fun to go there when you are a kid. It’s fun even when you are older. But, if you are in the middle of the Awesome Movement Of Life, the happiest place on Earth, thinking you are somewhere else, or thinking you are here by mistake, you are not going to be the “happiest person on Earth” in the “happiest place on Earth.”

And so, the trick, the technique is, “Be attentive to where you are.” BE CURIOUS in the many moments you find yourself in. That is the deal. “What is the truth of this new Now?”

It makes sense to do this because Yoga is the inquiry into Truth. The only time or place you can inquire into what Truth is, is in the new Now you find yourself in. Truth is not in the future. It is not in the past. It is always live.

Wonder to yourself, “What is the truth of this Life, live, new Now moment?” And then give your attention to something specific, or to whatever is in your experience, with the curiosity to experience the “more” of what might be there. This initiates the Disneyland effect. Right there where you are, right where you thought you were somewhere other than the happiest place on Earth, you find yourself already there.

So, that is the main practice or homework. When you are at the red light driving here, remind yourself to pause and wonder, “What is the truth of this new Now?” When you see somebody on the sidewalk, “What is the truth, what is the meaning of this?” Then don’t you try to figure out the meaning. Don’t try to figure out the truth. You figure it out by figuring out that you do not need to figure it out! You figure it out by giving your attention to the live moment. When you do that, that will update your assessment. Instead of thinking you are in a crummy world filled with warring tribes, you begin to realize, “Oh wow, actually I am in the Awesome Movement of Life, actually, actually.” Do that a lot.

If you do that 10,000 times a day, pretty soon it will feel like you are doing it once a day. You know what I mean? But, do it a lot. Do it a lot. “What is the truth of this new Now?”

The second thing is: Meditate. At some point every day — and watch for when it is the thing for you to do — sit down for a couple minutes and to the best of your ability slide into the feeling of Peace.

The reason this is so important is because . . . and, you don’t know this at first. But, the more you do it, the more you begin to suss out why it is so valuable.

The feeling-tone of Infinity is Peace. Not dull. Very alive. But, it is Peace. It is un-conflicted Being. Aliveness happening. Not in conflict with itself. And, when you do your best to sit down and become quiet, and you slide into the feeling of Peace, you are making your gyroscope congruent with the feeling-tone of Infinity. When your gyroscope becomes increasingly congruent with the feeling-tone of Infinity, you will find yourself being guided and moved in ways that begin to evidence the harmony of Infinity.

In other words, increasingly it will make more and more sense to trust yourself to do whatever you are being guided to do, whether you can explain it yet or not. And, less and less, care about explaining it. You just want to be doing what is feeling right to you.

Get yourself to meditate for a couple minutes every day. You can sit down or lie down. But, I would vote, teach yourself to do it sitting. Sit down, sit erect, and slide into the feeling of Peace, even if it feels like you are not feeling very much Peace and it just feels like your mind is a jumble. Just the fact that you are sitting there, not moving very much, and relaxing, means that you ARE getting more congruent with the feeling-tone of Infinity, even if it doesn’t feel like it yet. You simply need to keep doing it a lot, at some point every day.

And so, if you are doing the Conscious Pause 10,000 times a day, and at some point you are sitting down to meditate to slide into the feeling of Peace, wow, you WILL start having a more awesome ride. You WILL be guided to “do your thing” with more skill. Whatever your dharma is will flower better.

Those are the main practices I am emphasizing in here. 1) The Conscious Pause, the holy instant, 10,000 times a day. 2) Meditating for a couple minutes a day. And then 3) the third one is learning to do your asana practice in an intuitive way, so you have fun with it.

Don’t feel like you have to be mega-contortionistic with it. But, learn to do it, take everybody’s advice, and learn different things. But, get so good at it that it really does start to feel like you are channeling your practice.

Those are the practices I am pushing the most, lately. Memorize patterns, go to other people’s classes, get specific technique, etc. And then, when you are in here doing the Freeform Chapter, learn to channel your practice. And when you are at home, learn to channel your practice.

The easiest way to get into channeling mode is by memorizing a few things. Get really good at them. Get really good at them. Keep GETTING INTO IT more, and GET INTO IT more. As you get into it more, you will find there are natural “linger moments,” and that you change it up, following the feeling of perfect flow. You start with a pattern, but next thing you know, “Wow, I’m channeling!” When the inspiration flattens out, just plug back into the pattern, then keep getting into it a little bit more than you already are. Next thing you know, it will come alive again.

That’s cool. No one was saying that when I started Yoga.

But wow, yes, your practice should flower as intuitive practice. It will feel as though you are channeling it. If you get the hang of that, you will find yourself going out of the room and channeling your way home.


So those are the big points. I say these things a lot. But, yes, yes. Do it! You know, especially on Earth Day.


Jane: Is there any similarity in, “What was the truth of that Now moment?”

Erich: Yes, in an ongoingly new sort of way :)))) They are similar and not similar. The “always new” is sort of similar from moment to moment, though it is always new.

That was a trick question, by the way. You know what I mean?

So, yes, things are “always new” — so they are NOT similar. But, they are “always new” and so, yes, they are similar. Yes.

And if what you are asking is, “What was the truth of that now moment?” in the sense of, “What really happened back then?” then, yes, you can have a more accurate view in retrospect. It will help you understand what happened better.

Again, I like all of this stuff we are talking about. Because, suddenly, Life starts seeming more meaningful. It is fun to be living your life, feeling like it is more meaningful than you used to think, instead of just feeling like you are “doing time,” and it is really hard, and it is getting worse, but, “At least, it will be over pretty soon!”


So, there is a yoga pose pattern that we haven’t done lately, that I want to get into today, and a couple other things.

Thank you for coming today.

1) The Conscious Pause ten thousand times.

2) Meditating in order to slide into the feeling of Peace, so that the gyroscope of you becomes congruent with the flow of Infinity.

That is not as weird as it sounds. The only reason you exist remember is because The Infinity is appearing as you. It is not difficult to be in harmony with The Infinity. It is hard to NOT be congruent with the flow of Infinity! If you are trying to be not congruent, you will suffer.

And then, 3) do an easy asana practice, and learn how to channel it, so it always feels always new.

Again, thank you for coming today. Thank you for coming as much as you do. I appreciate the fact that you come to class.

With Love and Pranams,

from Erich

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