FREEDOM YOGA with Erich Schiffmann

reza interview 1FREEDOM YOGA with Erich Schiffmann

Interview by Reza Ganjavi

Reza was in town over the weekend and he came over for a private yoga lesson. At the end of the lesson he asked me if he could do a short video interview. I said, “Of course!”

This is it. He asked me about my early days with yoga, my first meetings with Krishnamurti, living at Brockwood Park, studying in India with Desikachar and Iyengar, and the development of Freedom Yoga as an intuitive practice. Enjoy :))))))))))))))

With Love and Pranams,



Erich Schiffmann is an accomplished Yoga master widely known for his award-winning video, Yoga Mind & Body, featuring actress Ali MacGraw. He is the author of the best-selling book, YOGA: The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness.

For more information, please visit Erich Schiffmann’s BIGmind Online

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