The Supreme I AM

These are my personal notes from the Tuesday April 29, 2014 Venice Class entitled The Supreme I AM.

I recommend:

1) Read the Transcript below without the audio.

2) Read the Transcript as you listen to the audio.

3) Sit quietly and listen to the Talk, as though you were there with me in the class. If you have the time, do the meditation also. It only takes a few minutes :))))))))))

Read on and enjoy!

The Supreme I AM

~ Tuesday April 29, 2014 ~

Erich: So what else? Anything?

That’s what my wife always says, “So what else?”

So, remember, these classes . . . And I apologize if you have heard me say this 10 million times. But I want it to be clear every time. If there weren’t a new person in here, I would not say this. You know what I mean? Like, I do not have to say this. But, whenever there is somebody new in here, I feel obliged to say it, and I want to say it, and it’s good to say it, anyway — just so there is no confusion about what we are doing in here in this particular class.

This class, lately, has not been like a normal class. It is more like a mini-workshop. And what that means to me is there is more time devoted to talking, to the Chapter One part of class, for as long as that feels relevant. The talking is about mindset. I think mindset is so crucial! It is crucial. It is the main thing.

And so, Chapter One in here is Talking about mindset — Yoga philosophy — as far as I understand it. Then we Meditate for a few minutes. Then we do a Guided Asana Chapter for a few minutes, which is like what a normal class is. Then we do a Freeform Chapter, which, if you are new to it, catches people off-guard. I hear about it all the time. “I had no idea that was about to happen!” and, “What am I supposed to do during the Freeform Chapter?”

And remember, the system in here is geared towards being able to do the Freeform Chapter. The Freeform Chapter means that you are actually learning how to do Yoga, not only, always, doing what the teacher is telling you to do. You learn from the teacher in order to be able to do your own Yoga. I could say, yes, just go home and do your own yoga. And yet, I have said that for years, and other teachers have said that for years, and most people don’t do it.

And so, I think Chapter Four is really important in here. Instead of the human teacher telling you what to do, we have a few minutes, I put on music and the idea is: Do your own practice with other yogis who are doing their own practice.

The idea at that point is to learn how to channel your practice. Keep it easy words like that. It is not as mystical or weird as it seems. But, what it seems to require is: Learn a few patterns. Like, learn things that people tell you — patterns, Sun Salutes, different poses — and when we get to the Freeform Chapter, just start doing a pattern that you feel like doing. Do one you feel like doing! You know, you can do what you feel like doing!

When you go to the restaurant and you look at the menu, and you order what you want, you order what you feel like eating. I do! You know, I don’t order the least attractive one. I go for the one that is glowing the most! And, the thing you learn to trust is that whatever is glowing is where you should go. You learn to trust into the glowing sensation.

In here during the Freeform Chapter start doing a pose that you feel like doing. If, after a few minutes, you feel like doing something else, then just follow it down that path, and follow it down that path. Just keep doing what is feeling like the one you feel like doing.

And so I am suggesting: Learn specific patterns. Learn poses. Learn alignments the way everyone is talking about it. But, then during the Freeform Chapter — as you are doing what you have learned — the skill is GET INTO IT MORE.

It is sort of hard to say “how” to get into it. But, GET INTO IT MORE. Immerse yourself in the experience of it, more. Because when you do, what you find is, wow, the energy begins to tell you what to do. And then it will really feel like… sort of like you are channeling it, sort of like you are improvising, sort of like you are making it up. But, also, sort of like you are being totally authentic. You are not channeling an alien being. But, you are letting the Life Force flow through you skillfully.

That is what I refer to as “channeling” — giving expression to the specific awesomeness that you are.

The big deal, remember, is that you did not make YOU. You are not here because of anything you have done. I am not conscious because “I” am “doing” conscious. I don’t exist because “I” am “doing” it. You are only here because God — The All — is being what you are; however you want to talk about it, and there are different ways of talking about it. I like saying “God” with the understanding that God means Supreme Being. It is the Supreme I AM.

The Supreme I AM is the I AM that we all are.

When you let go of what you think you know about who you are, and you start sensing deeply, you will find yourself giving expression to the God-ness of what you are. And you learn to do it in here, in an easy context of doing Yoga poses.

Learn a specific pattern. Start doing specific patterns. And, as you are doing the specific pattern, get into it, and get into it, and get into it, and just let it deviate. Watch how it changes. And you will find yourself really beginning to have fun with your asana practice!

And then you’ll get the sense that, “Wow, when I’m driving home, hey, I’m channeling this moment too. I’m not channeling an alien being. But, I’m being the place where ongoing Knowing can be flowing through.”

That is the point!

A yogi is someone who is doing that.

That is the simplicity of the mindset.

You only exist because The All is being You. Therefore, trust yourself to do as your deepest feelings are guiding you to do. Because your deepest feelings are coming from The All.

But, it takes a little bit of skill to do it.

And so, the practice involves learning to put a COMMA in your commentary. You learn to PAUSE every once in a while. You learn to THINK LESS. Because right in those moments wherein you pause, think less, and you are no longer energizing your usual mindset, then wow, Supreme Knowing can start bubbling up through you better.

I think this is pretty clear now. And then the deal is keep doing it, and keep doing it, and keep doing it.


Any questions about anything?

Yes, Mo.

Mo: I have a question. Shirley MacLaine, on top of being a well-known actress, to my opinion she’s a guru.

Erich: Shirley MacLaine?

Mo: Right. And she wrote many books that I have read. And what she says is there are forces in the universe that are controlling our experience. I was wondering if you could elaborate on that, please.

Virginia: Could you repeat that, please?

Erich: He’s saying that Shirley MacLaine says that there are forces . . .

Mo: That are controlling our experience.

Sandy: Oh, I think he’s talking about the Illuminati, controlling our . . .

Erich: Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.

Sandy: Let me clarify. She’s talking about the lizard people and the Illuminati.

Erich: Yes. But, anyone could only exist because The All is being them. That is the point I am trying to make, that I am trying to just keep giving the most validity to that.

Sandy: Yes.

Erich: Any specific form within The Formless could only be there because The Formless is appearing as them. Any specific form is not controlling The Formless.

There is only one Formless — formless Conscious Mind, the Internet of Infinite Mind. GOD — Supreme Being in infinite display — is in control. Not the Illuminati, not the Confederates, not the . . . You know, anything smaller than The All is not in control.

Mo: So, we are in control of ourselves?

Erich: You are in control of your own experience, is sort of what it comes down to. You did not create your reality, but you are certainly writing the script. You did not create your reality. The Creator created your reality. But, depending on your conditioning, your mindset, you are altering, you are flavoring the experience you are having.

And so, in that sense, yes, you are controlling it, so to speak. And what you learn to do is put the comma in there and then listen beyond what you already know. Listen to the bigness of Mind, so that what you then control into your experience is based on a bigger Knowing, rather than a smaller knowing.

It’s fun. Try to figure this out. You know what I mean? Be working on this in your spare time. I’m working on this in my spare time, all the time.

And, again, one of the fundamental themes is that wherever you are, and with whoever you are with, is the Awesomeness of Life appearing as them. And so, start valuing whoever is in your experience a little bit more, instead of writing everybody off as nuisances. You know what I mean?

Whoever is in your experience can be seen more clearly. If you are not seeing them more clearly, that is going to give you a crummy experience. You are going to think you are in a world less than The Ultimate, whereas you are in The Ultimate. There is no place else to be except The Ultimate! You know what I mean?

There is no place else to be except Reality. You can either be blurred to it, or you can have an increasingly clear view of it.

The way to have the clearer view, as far as I know, is learn to comma, shut up, silent-mind it, and then be attentive to whatever is in your actual Now experience with the insight that wow, if there is anything there, it could only be God in specific self-expression, really. And, therefore, “Really? Really?” And, give it a little more attention than you normally would.

It is good for the other person that you give them a little more clear attention. It is good for you to be seeing the world a little more clearly. Otherwise, you will think you are in a stupid world, and, “Wow, I can’t wait till I get outta here.”

But, you are in the middle of The Ultimate. You are in the middle of Awesome Life. Again, there is no place else you could be. Wow! And therefore, give your attention to it with a little more curiosity than normal to experience it a little more clearly than you have up until now.

The simplicity of it is: Whoever is in your experience — and there is always going to be somebody, or somebody in your mind — in the new Now that you find yourself always in, just be attentive, “Oh wow, God expressed, God expressed, God expressed,” or whatever the words are that work for you.

You will find yourself coming up with a more accurate assessment. The world needs a more accurate assessment. And just like we jumped from thinking “the world is flat” to the realization, “Oh, it’s really round,” we are at this point where we are jumping from thinking we are physical beings in a physical universe to the realization of, “Oh wow, it’s actually a spiritual universe we’re in, and have been in the whole time, really!”

And, what that implies is that wow, as we awaken to that, we are going to start having a different experience of what we have been calling “bodies” and “physical-ness.” And, I don’t know… I think it’s sort of exciting. Therefore, be curious. Because the insight is God IS All.


“Yeah, maybe.”



When you find yourself in the “maybe” mode, be a little more open than usual. And, with whoever is in your Now experience in that moment, or with whoever is in your mind, learn to relax more, and see them, and be with them a little more clearly.

You are doing something, is the thing. You are doing something. You are making assessments. You are making judgments. You are writing people off. “She’s not worthy of my attention. Oh, he’s worthy of my attention.”

Watch yourself doing all this stuff. Be aware of what you are doing. Put the comma in there. And desire to see a little more clearly. You do not have to do anything dramatic. Just relax, and SEE a little more clearly.

Somehow this is hard. This is hard, for some reason. But, the insight is, wow, it’s harder if you don’t do it. It’s harder to be walking around through the world and you thinking it’s a stupid place to be in, filled with stupid idiots, shooting each other. “You idiot!”

We are in the middle of The Ultimate with brothers and sisters. It is a Divine Event, really, really, really.





When you are open to it, be a little more open to it. Try.

And, you are doing something.

You are doing SOMETHING.

Be aware of what you ARE doing. Learn to PUT THE COMMA in there. Silent-mind it as many times in a day as you can think to do it. Comma… silent-mind it… and then be attentive to the new Now experience that you are having — The Ultimate seen a little more clearly — if you want to have a different experience.

And who doesn’t want to have a different experience, you know what I mean? People are sick and tired of having stupid experiences!

Therefore, stop creating, stop writing the script in the way you have up until now. All you have to do is shut up. Zip-it every once in a while. Momentarily. It’s easy. It is very much like relaxing your body. It’s not hard. You have to “do” it, in a sense. You have to consciously let go. So, do. You have to deliberately stop the commentary. So, do. It’s not hard. It’s like relaxing. And then, right in that moment, you will have a slightly clearer experience.


Thank you for your question, Mo.

Let’s meditate for a couple minutes, please.

And I would just like to suggest… I have been assigning meditation homework for years now. And usually, during the first month of every year — I’m not sure if I said it this year — but usually I say, “Try to meditate every day for the rest of this year.” Right now I am saying it again. Amp up your meditation practice, is my vote. Try to meditate every day. I do it at my desk, even, in my office chair. It has armrests. I can cross my legs. I put my arms on the armrests. My computer is right there. I close my eyes. It’s so comfortable. It so counts!

Like always, thank you for coming today.

With Love and Pranams,

from Erich

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