Erich at KRIPALU ~ March 1-3, 2013

I’m looking forward to this!

For all levels.

Erich Schiffmann’s unique Freedom Style Yoga offers an intuitive approach to yoga as the art of living. Using this approach, you meditate (listen inwardly for guidance) when you sit quietly, when you practice poses, and throughout your day. Continue reading

LIGHTENING UP ~ by Tony Wolff

With a healthy dose of Desikachar and Buddhism, neurophysiology, anatomy, and a good deal of common sense, as well as interviews with some of America’s leading yoga teachers, Lightening Up:  The Yoga of Self-Acceptance takes you on a journey to the essence of this ancient practice. It offers a humorous yet serious antidote to the performance and achievement orientation common to many contemporary classes, and might be seen as a training manual for accessing intuition and trusting your body’s wisdom. Continue reading



I had the good fortune last week to attend Erich Schiffmann’s training, “Going Deeper” at the Santa Barbara Yoga Center. It just so happened that two workshops I was scheduled to teach at a new studio in my town were canceled. So being able to fly for free to Los Angeles, getting a rental car on credit card points, and using a $150 gift card toward a hotel stay, I said “I’m outta here” for some Erichji Yoga.

“Going Deeper” was described as…. Continue reading

Book Review: Yoga, the Spirit & Practice of Moving Into Stillness

Its taken me awhile to write this review because all I want to do is gush on and on about this book.

Since 1996, there has been a deeeep, soooothing voice in my head that tells me “keep it simple”. That voice is Erich Schiffmann’s from Ali Macgraw’s video Yoga Mind & Body. The original tape has been replaced by a DVD and there have been times over the years I’ve tried to ignore Erich, but still, he resides in head. “Keep it Simple.”

The message is his book is clear: find stillness and listen. Ask what do you need. Trust that voice that you hear. Keep it simple. Continue reading