A 4-Day Freedom Style Yoga Intensive in beautiful Santa Barbara!

Dec 6-9, 2012

Freedom Style Yoga as taught by Erich Schiffmann is about growing into your own personal, authentic expression of yoga. It is an intuitive approach to LIFE with three strands: 1) Meditation, 2) Asana Practice, and 3) the rest of the time.

It’s about learning to be “Online” all the time. The teachings and practices culminate in the ability to channel Online Knowing. This looks like you and me living our lives with creativity and wisdom. The idea is to listen inwardly to your heart and conscience, so that the intelligence of the Universe becomes your common sense. This can be summarized as, “Do not decide in advance about what to do or not do. Instead, listen inwardly for Guidance and trust into what you find yourself Knowing.”

This is not an inherently strenuous practice, but it is advanced. It requires that you be brave enough to follow YOUR deepest impulses about what feels right and what doesn’t. This is not always easy. It involves the development of self-trust based on the growing conviction that YOU are the specific and unique self-expression of that which is ultimately trustworthy: Life, Love, Truth, Presence, GOD.

Consider coming! I’ve never done a training quite like this before! This will be as advanced as I can make it, though the poses are likely to be on the easy side.

GOING DEEPER ~ with Erich Schiffmann

3 thoughts on “GOING DEEPER

  1. Wow, Erich, your photo on “A 4-Day Freedom Style Yoga Intensive in beautiful Santa Barbara!” is really really great! Love you laughing.

  2. I LOVED IT!! Thanks so much for the way you share your experiences, your practice & your thoughts. You Rock!! Along with the facility, you really helped create an amazing meditation space.

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