Ojai Yoga Crib 2010 excerpt!

“Consciousness is Like the Sky”

Every fall in the magical Ojai Valley 250 yogis come together for a long weekend of yoga, kirtan, Indian dancing, philosophy and communion. Held in an old church, I have been the Friday Night entertainment for the past 3 years. These talks are special for me. In this talk I broach a subject that is at the furthest edge of what I am learning about: You are not a mind in a body; you are Mind embodied. You are not in a world; the world is in you. Consciousness comes first. Everything you are aware of has borders and boundaries, but the awareness that is being aware of it all has no boundary. Consciousness is like the sky. Consciousness is the space or context in which everything is happening, and that’s what you are. You are the conscious boundary-less Awareness in which everything is happening, including your physical presence. Consciousness is being conscious right there where you are. Awareness is being aware right there where you are.

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