Yogis on the Edge ~ The New Now

Yoga is the inquiry into Truth. Erich courageously shares his freshest insights at the beloved International Ojai Yoga Crib from the historic Krotona Hall in Ojai, California. He dives into an exploration of “the 4th dimension,” inviting us to consider that we are not a body being aware, but rather we are that (consciousness) which is aware of the body. Essentially, we are conscious eternal beings with a radiant light body. Therefore, exude love. Continue reading

AWAKENED ONES ~ the full transcript

Erich: It’s funny. I’m trying not to be repetitive, and yet I know this is not repetitive. I know this is still the thing I’m learning about. And I know I’ve said it 10 million times. And I know I know it. I can write a report about it. I can talk about it. But, still, the important thing is doing it! Living it… Continue reading


Erich: I was always taught that the word Namaste means, “I bow to you.” Or, “The God in me sees the God in you.” Or, “The Light in me sees the Light in you,” something like that. These all have the same fundamental meaning. But, the specific definition that I have always liked is, “The light of my awareness sees the light of your presence.”

Awareness does seem like a light. Like, right now, you are aware, and wherever you put your attention is like you are shining your flashlight — the flashlight of your awareness — on whatever you happen to focus on. Continue reading


Erich: The other thing I want to keep reminding everybody about, because I keep learning it anew, is always keep going back to the basics.

Yoga. It means, “to yoke,” “to join.” When you “yoke” and “join,” you will experience the already-existing Unity.

So, the word, Yoga, means “join,” but it also means “union, Unity.”

In easy words, it’s about small mind — your sense of self — joining with Big Mind. The more you join with Big Mind, the more you realize, “Oh wow, I’m not actually joining with Big Mind. Big Mind IS my mind.” Continue reading