I was just at Yogaville in Virginia with an extraordinary group of yogis. I have been going there since 2004. They asked me to talk to the community of swamis during their Saturday night gathering. The evening begins with kirtan led by Renata Gregori Sullivan and joined by Marianne and Randy Sutin. They then played a video of Swami Satchitananda from 2001 answering questions about meditation. At 54:35 into the program I am introduced to the group by Ram and my talk starts at 56:55. Please have a listen. Enjoy :))))))))))) Continue reading


Erich Schiffmann’s unique Freedom Yoga offers an intuitive approach to Yoga as the Art Of Living. Practicing in this way connects us more closely to living in this way. Daring to teach in this way will spread the message of following our magnificent internal guidance.

Our time together will focus on Freedom Yoga: how to practice and live in a creative manner, emphasizing creative sequencing, intuitive alignment, and moving into stillness while being guided from within, and will be a combination of: Discussion, Meditation, Guided Asana Practice, Freeform Asana Practice, Breath Work, Deep Relaxation, and Homework. Continue reading


And so, trust your heart. Trust your conscience. Relax as much as you can whenever it occurs to you. And when you are confused about something, instead of freaking out, chill more. Relax more. Then desire to know whatever you need to know. Bingo! When you do that, new Knowing flows in. Or, somehow, circumstances will reconfigure and you will know what to do.

It works like this because there is an already-existing Unity. Yoga means “to yoke.” It also means Union. When you yoke — by pausing, relaxing, and desiring to know whatever you need to know — you will experience your unity with Infinity, and the wisdom of the Universe will become your common sense.
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I like this analogy because this is how spiritual insights have been for me. I will get an insight about something. I will have a dolphin-moment of clarity. I will know something. And then, thwump! and I am back to where I was, sort of. Except now I know I had the insight. I know there is more going on than I was previously hip to. I am not quite the same as I was before. And then I will have another dolphin-insight, and then again thwump. Etc.

The more it happens, the more I trust the insights.

Now, part of the deal is that when you have an insight about something, a new understanding about things, it will probably not answer all your questions. It will answer your questions at a certain level and elevate your understanding. At your new advanced level you will find yourself having new questions. “Oh wow! If that is true, then what about this? What about that?” And so curiosity is sparked once again. That is a good thing :)))))))
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The big point, remember, is that you did not make you. I did not make me. You are only here because The All is being Itself as YOU. The simple idea, therefore, is to experience the truth of who you are because who you are is The All being YOU. And then dare to do — live your life — as your heart and conscience are guiding you to do.

You are not the dweeb you thought you were. Other people are not the dweebs you thought they were. Other people are not the enemy you thought they were, either. There is no enemy — is the huge insight. Even if people are walking around shooting each other, there is no actual enemy, not really! There are a bunch of deluded brothers and sisters, and yes, that needs to be cleared up…
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